Lupita Kirklin, MS, MFTI, Life Coach



Accomplished, Compassionate Psychotherapist.


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I am a Bilingual-Bicultural Spanish/English Speaking therapist with 20 years of experience as a mental health clinician. I possess a Mexican-License in Clinical Psychology; and a Master’s of Science in Clinical psychology from Thousand Oaks, CA., I have also offered my services as a registered psychological assistant in California. Currently, I am pursuing the California License for my Second Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with emphasis in Depth Analysis. While I accomplish this goal, I am qualified to offer my services as a Life Coach in the city of Oxnard, Ca.

Additionally, I have had an opportunity to work and trained in a variety of clinical settings, including inpatient and outpatient care facilities; community mental health settings; juvenile forensic settings; traumatic brain injury, dementia & Alzheimer’s care facilities. I have also been the owner of my private practice in Mexico for seven years; and in California I have had the opportunity to practice as a psychological assistant in private practice under the supervision of a Licensed psychologist in the Los Angeles Area, San Francisco Bay Area, and currently I practice in Oxnard.

My previous supervisors in the private practice, working as a psychological assistant have been in Fresno, Ca., Peggy Murphy, Psy.D. owner at Neuropsychology & Family Therapy, working with children and parents; in the Bay Area for Licensed Psychologist, Leslee Belzer, Ph.D., owner at Pediatric Psychology Services in Los Altos, CA. working with Children and Parents; and in Los Angeles Area for Lincensed Psychologist Dr. Linda Yerzley in  Sherman Oaks, CA. working with adults in the area of Neuropsychology and Neurocognitive Rehabilitation.