Lupita Kirklin, MFT, Life Coach

Central Los Angeles Area
& Woodland Hills
(818) 579-2156

Vision and Mision



One of my dreams for the world is one in which human beings live in synchronicity, harmony and balance with mother nature, with others, in accordance with one’s own self nature, and with the great cosmos as a whole. One of the ways of pursuing such goals is through the integration of mind, body, heart and soul. I envision a world in which human beings, as they walk the winding paths of life stressors in this modern world, cultivate compassion, resilience, wisdom and creativity, which are attributes are of human culture.





My mission as a Counselor is to facilitate the experience of a more creative, meaningful and conscious life for individuals and groups. Difficult feelings can be an opportunity for personal growth. My goal is to facilitate the identification of those difficult thoughts, feelings, and past experiences which are preventing us from being comfortable with who we would like to be, what we want, and the kinds of relationships that we want to have with others. By providing a sacred space in the consulting room, we achieve an intuition that helps to become more aware of one’s self, of one’s make-up, and to open a path for discovery of one’s true, inner self. My approach is to assist in the healing process of integrating mind, body, heart and soul by cultivating each person’s individual journey toward wholeness in personality.