Lupita Kirklin, MS, MFTI, Life Coach



The reason we suffer in life is not based on what happens to us,

it is based on our response to what happens.


Are you willing, ready and able to try Life Coaching or Psychotherapy? What’s the difference between Life Coaching and Psychotherapy? The main goal in psychotherapy is to understand the thoughts and feelings behind your actions in order to create lasting life changes in your life. This implies revisiting the past, exploring the past, present and future to help you gain a better understanding of why you think and feel the way you do through guided self-reflection. With Life Coaching, however, we focus less on understanding feelings and thoughts. Instead we focus more on the present and future—and of course we considerer feelings and thoughts—but focusing more on setting specific goals and a plan to achieve them, with accountability measures to help keep you focused and intentional when improving your life.  We address and create strategies to overcome any roadblocks that arise while working towards a specific goal.

In my practice as a Life Coach, I provide a “sauna for your feelings,” a safe space and container for you to step away from your life to reflect, release and re-align. So, if you are feeling challenged with regular life issues, such as confidence, stress, anxiety, relationships and body image, and feeling that despite the fact that you are an intelligent, self reflective person who has insight and motivation for personal growth, still it is not enough to get “unstuck,” and if you are ready, able and willing to make changes in your life, may be it is the time to make a phone call to set up an appointment in my practice so as to develop healthy strategies to deal with difficult feelings and realign with your deeper wisdom and self-love.



Life Coaching Specialties

  • Release Stress, Anxiety, Depression & Fear
  • Increase Self-Love and Confidence
  • Build Fulfilling Relationships
  • Integrating Near-Death Experiences and Spiritual Transformative Experiences
  • Strengthen Parenting Practices
  • Live you Life’s Purpose


Life Coaching Approaches

  • Individual & Group Coaching for Adults
  • Youth & Children Groups
  • Parent Coaching & Parent-Child Coaching
  • Relaxation & Mindfulness
  • Dream Analysis
  • End-of-Life Coaching
  • Training & Workshops on a wide variety of topics




Session fees vary depending on season and availability. During our initial consultation we will discuss current fee options. Sliding scale is available.

Accepted Payment Methods: Cash or PayPal only.